GirlsOnlyPorn – Mona Blue,Shona River: How Does It Taste – S2:E3 (Feb 9, 2021)

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Mona Blue and Shona River are ready for a lovely afternoon in together. They enjoy a glass of wine before setting aside their glasses. It turns out that neither of them has an appetite for anything besides one another.The girls relocate from the kitchen to the bedroom, where Mona gets on her hands and knees on the bed while Shona peppers her ass with kisses. Relieving Mona of her thong, Shona takes her time exploring her girlfriend’s plump curves. Eventually, she winds up with her tongue flicking Mona’s clit. Moving her face up a touch, Shona laves her tongue over Mona’s anus while finger banging her girlfriend’s twat.Mona isn’t about to let Shona have all the fun! Sitting up, she pulls Shona between her thighs so she can feast on her girlfriend’s breasts and curve her hands around Shona’s ass cheeks. She lays Shona out on her back and then crouches between Shona’s legs. Leaning in, Mona slides her fingers up Shona’s dewy slit and then licks them clean. Liking what she tastes, she puts her talented hands to work diving deep into Shona’s twat. When Mona grabs a vibrator and presses it to Shona’s clit, it’s not long before Shona is moaning long and loud.The girls switch positions again, with Shona once more taking charge of Mona’s sensual pleasure. She laps at Mona’s pussy to reacquaint herself with her lover’s musk, but soon enough she reaches out for the toy. Pressing it to Mona’s clit, Shona takes Mona’s small breasts into her mouth to create a deep delight that has Mona throwing her head back in orgasmic bliss.The girls aren’t done with one another quite yet. Mona crawls on top of Shona, settling herself down with her pussy in Shona’s face and her face in Shona’s twat. Leaning forward, Mona completes the lesbian 69 that lets each of them indulge in a lusty pussy feast. They keep it up through one last round of mutual satisfaction before Mona turns around and cuddles close to Shona to enjoy the aftermath.


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