GirlsOnlyPorn – Lana Grand,Matty: Sunkissed – S3:E12 (Aug 23, 2021)

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Matty is enjoying some naked sunbathing on the beach when her girlfriend, Lana Grand, makes her way across the rocks to join her. Spreading out her towel, Lana gets cozy and then begins peeling off her clothes. She gets down to her bikini as Matty watches with hungry eyes, then lets Matty help her out of her bra and bottom.As soon as Lana has been stripped down to her tan lines, Matty is there to capture her lips in a voracious kiss. She is in charge of the trajectory of their make out session, exploring Lana’s mouth at her own pace. Easing Lana back onto her towel, Matty kisses her way down her girlfriend’s super slim body. She stops at the breasts, making sure those tender globes don’t feel ignored, but eventually continues to move lower.When Matty reaches the heart of Lana’s pleasure, she starts with a teasing flick of her tongue. Finding her lover nice and responsive, Matty teases the meaty folds of Lana’s twat with her talented mouth. Eventually, she hooks an arm around Lana’s thigh and goes to work in a proper pussy feast. As Lana’s entire upper body rises off the towel in delight, Matty gets her fingers involved for real orgasmic results.Matty brings Lana to a seated position so she can let her girlfriend enjoy the flavor of her own musk through a deep kiss. Then Matty turns Lana onto her side and lifts one of her thighs up into the air so that she is the little spoon to Matty’s big spoon. Slipping her hand between Lana’s thighs again, Matty delivers a pussy fingering that leaves Lana no choice but to cum hard.Now that she has found her pleasure, Lana turns the tables on Matty. She gets Matty on her back and herself on her knees, towering over her girlfriend as she worships Matty’s breasts. Then she helps Matty onto her hands and knees so that she can enjoy a thorough exploration of Matty’s twat from behind. Lana begins her pussy plumbing with her fingers. Soon enough, though, she gets her mouth in on the fun.Lana doesn’t let up on Matty until her girlfriend’s hips are bucking. Now that both girls have been satisfied, Matty leans back into Lana’s arms. They enjoy a deep kiss as their bodies hum with delight and the sun kisses their skin.


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